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Saturday, July 5, 2014

First run in a month - Ragnar Relay ahead

Today was my first run since the wreck at the start of June that ended up in a total loss of my pickup. Even though my truck flipped and it's been a long ordeal trying to get things back in line, I'm lucky to have come out of it only with a sore back. I'm hoping that my current physical therapy plan does the trick to get me back on track. It's been a tough month of being stuck in the house, sore and not able to do much work at all. But it's time to get out and get going again.

In mid September, 19-20, I'm signed up to run the 200-mile Ragnar Relay in Napa Valley/San Francisco with a group from the Montana Ranching community. Our team is the Montana Running Ranchers with Team Beef Montana. This is a great opportunity, not only to get to know other runners in my state and line of work, but also for us to reach out and work alongside runners from across the country that may not have prior acquaintances with ranching or where their beef comes from. We may all come from different backgrounds, but it's a goal/interest in health and fitness, that lands us on common ground. Meeting new folks from outside the ag circles usually ends up being my favorite part of making these running events.

So there's my goal, a time, date and location, and I'm bound and determined to make it. One step and run at a time. Today's was slow and hot, but I'll make it back.