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Agriculture Commercials

Some of my favorite commercials and videos highlighting American Farmers and Ranchers.

Did you know American Farmers each produce enough to feed 155 people annually? These American urban consumers share their thanks.

Don't care if Mr. Peterson lost the 2010 campaign for Alabama Agriculture Commissioner. His no-nonsense campaign approach has drawn over 2.35 Million views. Gotta admit, I've watched a few times.

Alabama dairy farmer, Will Gilmer, shares a lil knowledge about nutrient management on the farm through this catchy tune, affectionately titled "Water 'n Poo"

Did you know America's farmers support 24 million jobs? Or that U.S. farmers supply 41.56% of the world's corn? How about that one acre of soybeans can create 82,368 crayons?

Utah Dairy Farmer, Trent Bown, takes us along as he shares some thoughts on operating his family dairy.