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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

A little ranting to blow off some steam...

So a couple things to rant on today: The many ways that the university works to rip students off, and an incredibly rediculous entomology class.

First, how many ways can a university work to take money from students. First, there is the out of state tuition. Out-of-state is almost $470 per credit hour. In-state is almost a third of that. That is almost $1,500 for the average class! Now, I understand that there are many sources of in-state funding from the government and lottery that lowers the cost of tuition for in-state students. But, how hard can it be for an out of state student to get financial aid without being in 'financial need'? I get a 4.0 and a 3.8 in consecutive semesters and all I get from the university is $750. Really? Then there are the prices of the food on campus. Easily marked up 50-100% from normal stores. Really, do they have to make all that money off college students eating? Then, there is the random fees tacked onto my bill that add up to almost half as much as my tuition. Where does all this money go? I will never use half these 'services' that are listed under my fees bill. Finally, there is the bookstore. Yeah they 'have the lowest prices on books' and yeah they 'pay more for our books in buy-back' but why could I not sell any of my books this semester? Really OSU? Really?!?

Ok, now for this stinking entomology class. This class was introduced as a 2000 level introduction to entomology geared toward animal science majors. A lab section in livestock entomology was even offered. When you think 'introduction' you think introducing the subject to students who might not be familiar with the topic. And when the class is advertised as being for students that are not entomology majors, you would think it would be easier than the normal entomology class, right? This class was rediculous! Half the test material was not covered in lecture. We are supposed to just fill in blanks with scientific names for 31 orders of insects and 20 families of insects and name their type of devlopment and type of mouthparts. Plus all these terms on the final were not emphasized on the studyguide and its all fill in the blank. Really Dr. Greenwood? Really?!? Then on top of the class being stupid, she sticks us with a $100 book that we can't sell back. Warning to future students: DO NOT TAKE ENTO 2992 WITH DR. GREENWOOD!!!

Ok, I think I am done ranting and ready to study for my other three finals to make up for the C that I am getting in that class.