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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Finals week Spring 2009

Well, it's here. Finals week spring 2009. My first final is in the morning at 8, and my last, and 6th final of the week, is Friday at 8. Looks like a busy week with plenty of studying, plenty of red bull, lots of water, and lots of procrastination.

Actually I cant wait for this week to be over with, I will finally be a Senior in college. I will get to go home for 4 days, before taking off for 14 weeks and going to Wyoming! It ought to be an awesome summer with plenty of fun and new experiences. I am sure there will be plenty of pictures that will come out of it.

For now I just have to find the money to move up there. Who knew that moving took so much money? Oh well, guess that's part of college life. Wish me luck with finals. I have a 4.0 starting the week, let's hope I can keep that by the end of the week!