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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Ignorance is Bliss

Yeah if I could just go back and stay ignorant of Animal Rights and Welfare activists, I could be living in bliss. Ignorant bliss. But no, I can't do that.

Here is a link to the Beef Daily Blog that explains the video from the Animal Welfare Approved group.

It must be nice to not have a clue what happens in the livestock industries and be able to believe what ever you hear on the liberal media as true. This is where a lot of problems start. Liberal media takes a storyline they know will spark controversy and simply 'forget' to get the rest of the story. Really! There is a-whole-nother side to the cattle industry that you never see on the news. The video clips seen on this news report are not factual. They don't tell the complete story. HSUS clips are used showing cattle being moved by forklifts or prodded with sticks, and even videos of cattle in feedyards packed so tight they can't move around. First the HSUS videos do not show circumstances of why the cattle have to be moved when they are downers. They do not show who is prodding the cattle. They do not show that the majority of producers as a whole actually care about the animals they raise because they are our lively hood. The videos seem to only show those instances where employees at a plant are working for a paycheck.

And something that struck me had was the portrayal of feedlot, confined feeding. Cattle do have room to move around, run and stretch out. The clips in that video are NOT factual. The cattle were probably being moved from one been to another or might have been in a holding pen. But they are not kept in tight quarters like that.

I haven't seen the 30 minutes special that is supposed to follow that news report, but believe me I am going to be looking for it.

Daily Quick Beef Fact: The Beef Quality Assurance (BQA) program was established in 1987 by The Beef Checkoff to provide cattle producers with the tools and training necessary to assure animal health and well-being as well as provide a safe, quality product. BQA is a pre-harvest supply chain management program that applies the latest science and technology to ensure beef quality and safety. It unites animal scientists, veterinarians, feed suppliers, animal health companies, meatpackers, retailers and state and federal regulators with producers to achieve this common goal.