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Saturday, March 28, 2009

What happened to me?!?

What happened to the Ryan from Arkansas? The one who had a social life worth mentioning? All my life I have been the one that could/would walk down any sidewalk, hallway, etc and say hi to everyone that walked past. I would get to know everyone, at least their names. I used to hang out, party, have good time, and enjoy the company of friends. What happened?!?

Since I moved to Stilly, I am this kid that goes to class and only talks to the few people around me. I can walk through the Animal Science building and not know a single person's name. I find an excuse for myself to go back to my place after class and do nothing but homework and watch television. I have NO social life! I am not that kid that always has a smile and a friendly word to say to everyone. This is not me!

Seriously, I don't enjoy this! What happened? I need to fix this, and it starts tomorrow morning!