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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Really PETA?!?

Alright so I am really sick of PETA and their everlasting desire to change the way the livestock industry operates. I am sick of them complaining about the way livestock are treated because they see an instance where an employee who probably doesn't even care about his job, does something to a horse or cow and they don't like it. Where do these videos come from? Seriously! And I dislike PETA members who will gripe and complain about the livestock industries and have not actually worked in the industry themselves. Carrie Underwood is seriously making me sick with her PETA involvement. She comes from rural Oklahoma and should know somewhat what taking care of livestock means to the people in production agriculture.

Okay, so I give it to PETA that the motives behind their actions are with good intentions. But butt out of other people's business if you have never been in their shoes. The people of production agriculture care every bit about the animals they raise. Shoot we spend every penny we have to, to be able to feed and grow these animals.

Then I found this blog saying that PETA is trying to gather all the people they can to vote Carrie Underwood as ACM entertainer of the year, just so they can push her support of PETA even further. I bet many of the people in PETA are not even remotely interested in country music, never the less who gets entertainer of the year.

PETA, quit playing games of a first-grader. Grow up, put your money where your values should be. Yes, you had good intentions in the beginning, but it is getting to the point where your lobbying and members are making it all the more difficult for producers to financially support taking care of livestock (ex. horse slaughter and California laws for confined livestock). Stay out of someone else's business if you don't care to step in their own shoes!

Okay, sorry for the rant but I got really ticked off. Here is the blog that talks about PETA and the ACM awards.