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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Then there was ONE!

Well it's been a few days hasn't it. A whirlwind of things has happened since I was last on here. Christmas Eve brought 9.5 inches of rain to us at home in Arkansas. That kept us water logged for a few days. Meanwhile, here in Stillwater mother nature delivered a crippling blizzard from which there is still 8 inches of snow back in my backyard, and thanks to the prolonged near zero temperatures that followed there are piles of ice all over town. It's quite a slippery trip anywhere you venture out. Then last week as I was preparing to return to Stillwater, we received a freak 6 inches of snow followed up with a glaze of ice a few days later. It snowed/iced 5 out of 7 days at home last week, not to mention the few mornings starting out at 4 degrees! Talk about a roller coaster ride into winter!

And this brings me to my last, first day of classes as an undergrad here at OSU! It's been 4 years in the making. I can't say that I am not excited to get to this point. These semester brings its challeneges, even though I am slacking at only 15 hours of classes this semester. It should make a difference that all of my classes are directly related to my cattle production goals, so glad to be finished with those dreaded Gen Ed classes. My class list includes Forage and Grazinglands Resource Management, Farm and Agribusiness Management, Animal Reproduction, Cow/calf and Purebred beef cattle management, and Stocker/Feedlot management. Being mostly senior level courses, its not an easy load by any means, but plenty manageable.

I am ready to kick off this new semester, with a renewed enthusiasm after spending a month feeding cows at home in the wind, cold, rain, snow, and ice. Just don't get me wrong because I loved the chance to get back to work for a little bit.

And with this final semester comes the obstacle of finding a job opportunity for May, and internship for the summer, or deciding to go ahead with grad school or return home and work with the family for a while. These are my major challeneges right now, and hopefully that answer will come in time. But until then...Ya'll Take Care!